First 30 Days Vegan! And Still Alive!

First 30 Days Vegan! And Still Alive!

Due to my past record of quitting anything healthy within a few weeks, I have waited until I crossed the 30 day threshold before writing my first post.  Today is actually day 32 and other than three occasions, I have managed to stick with a Plant Based Whole Food Diet (Vegan).

Full Disclosure: 

I had a Funnel Cake when I visited Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. (You have to, it’s the rule!); however, I did keep it to the basic version with no cheesecake upgrade! I went to Golden Corral with great intentions of only using the salad bar and veges, but could not leave without a bite of Prime Rib (I can’t think of a good excuse for this, other than I justified it in my head that I needed to eat something expensive to justify the cost of the lunch. Lame, I know.) Other than that, there were small mistakes like getting a side salad and forgetting to say “no cheese”, and ordering a vegetable sandwich but forgetting to say “no mayo”.    There was that spoonful of pudding at some point, and I remember tearing off a small piece of rotisserie chicken during a weak moment when no one was looking.  Ahhh, I feel better, confession is good for the soul!

The Good:

The above were the only exceptions I can remember in a month which is approximately 100 meals!  Not too shabby, considering the month prior I only made maybe a handful of healthy choices in a hundred meals!

Starting Line Up:

Here is where I would normally put my beginning (BEFORE) weight, A1c, Lipids, etc. bbbuuuuttttt, I did not take any measurements before starting this journey.  However, I do know that in February I weighed 400 pounds and my A1c was 11 (ugly number).  My cholesterol wasn’t bad but was higher than it has been in the past.  Blood Pressure ran in the 140’s over 90’s and I could barely put my seat belt on or tie my shoes.  The good news is that I will be able to update these stats next week since I went ahead and listened to my wife and made an appointment.

What Have I Learned In 30 Days:

  • When you eat plant based whole foods you are rarely hungry.  I suppose it is due to the fiber, but I have only been hungry two times.  Once on day 4 and then on day 27.  (HUNGRY= opening the fridge a dozen times and wanting to scarf down anything in sight)  Hungry used to be an every evening occurrence.
  • I don’t like letting people down, so it was very helpful to have made my choice to be vegan public and facing the daily questions at work of “how is it going?”  It really was helpful when co-workers began telling me that I was inspiring them to make healthy choices!
  • It was also cool to watch family make better choices just by being a consistent example in front of them but never nagging them to join me.

  • I am grateful that I have never been a picky eater.  I am an adventurous eater and have no problem trying vegan products that others would never try.  I did learn that vegan “chicken strips” are pretty good, but vegan “crab cakes” can lead to a very bad night!
  • I learned that you can eat out if you are intentional and ask questions.  Indian food restaurants were pretty safe with several vegan options; HuHot was easy to remain vegan and get full.  However, I found myself eating at home a lot more than usual.
  • The Vegan community is very helpful and friendly!  I received so much support and recipe ideas from several people who made their transitions to veganism a few years ago.
  • Vegan and Plant Based Whole Food Diet are not exactly the same thing.  unhealthy French fries are technically vegan, but they wont help me get my diabetes under control.
  • Although each meal costs a little more; I feel like I’m saving a lot on the snacks, donuts, and junk food I used to regularly buy.  Plus I eat out a lot less.

Next Steps:

So, now that I have pretty much developed an enjoyment for the healthy foods I’m eating; the next step is to start paying attention to portion control.  I did not worry about that for the first month and so if it took two pounds of salad to feel full, then that’s what I ate.  For example:  I found a bag of vegan trail mix and sat and ate it by the handfuls while watching TV like I used to do with BBQ chips.  In my mind I was being healthy, until I read the label and found it was 150 calories per 1/3 cup.  I probably ate a thousand calories during an episode of Hawaii Five 0!

Good Signs:

  • Seat belt is already much easier to put on.
  • A lot more energy.
  • Clothes fitting looser.
  • The few times I checked my blood sugars in the mornings before breakfast, the average result was 30 points less than last month (still too high though).
  • I have been able to walk the dogs a few times after work without struggling as much as in the past.

Things tried This Month:











There it is folks.  32 days in and still going…  more to come soon!  It would be great if you joined me 🙂


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  1. Oh, and I found it warpedly humorous that my comments are “awaiting moderation”; like I need to cut them down to smaller portions or what?!

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