Dreaded “Before” PICS

Dreaded “Before” PICS

When you are not in a shape you can be proud of, you tend to be a bit camera shy.  You opt out when you can and if there is no avoiding the pictures, (Weddings, graduations, etc.) you do your best to position people strategically in front of you so only your head remains in the pic.

As a Pastor for more than a decade, it was inevitable to be included in hundreds of photos where I had no control over “strategic positioning”! LOL.

These photos are the ones that make me cringe, not because they do not represent me well, but precisely because they DO capture the truth that my day to day delusions/denials try to protect me from.

Well… to make a true and successful change in anything, you must start with reality and use it as fuel to motivate change.  This is that post of the pics I have tried to hide that will now be the fuel tanks of the rocket ship to wellness.  They will be there in those moments when resistance is highest… and will drop off in due time and float gently away when no longer needed.  Til then…  Let’s burn some fuel baby!  (Don’t worry, I kept my shirt on, LOL)

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    1. Yes! Stay tuned. I have not been too adventurous as of yet other than some good oatmeal and roasting veges. But I am collecting recipes to try and I will share the results soon!

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