Traveling, Conferences, Steakhouse, Cheesecake Factory, Someone else Buying, Packing, Moving , OH MY!  The justifications for splurging and being undisciplined piled up and I tripped all over them!

I called this a Journey to Wellness because I knew it would not be a straight-line sprint directly to all of my goals, but I did not think I would collapse so early either.


However; I did learn a few things, and I am back on track just in time to make a better plan for the next Conference coming up in a few days.

I learned:

  1. I can’t wait until the menu is in my hand to make a decision/plan.  I had a good idea of where the team was wanting to eat and all of those places had online menus for me to look at prior to arriving.
  2. I have this almost uncontrollable feeling that I will miss out on something if I don’t take advantage of what is free/out of the ordinary/etc.  I’m not sure where it comes from, but it was almost impossible for me to pass up free candy bars at the convention or to choose the free bottled water, when there was also free soda, etc.  I need to remind myself that if I do not take the free items, I’m not out anything.  I still have everything I had before the free thing was an option.  The value of making my goal must outweigh the “value” of the free item in front of me.
  3. I need to use the accountability network I have available and not avoid them.  As soon as I messed up on the first meal I should have blogged about it, called someone, etc. and got on track with the next meal.  I could have recruited a friend to bring me a bottled water and an apple from the “free” snack stand so I could go directly into the training room without having to walk by all of the options.
  4. I need to have appropriate snacks available when driving, hanging out at hotel room, etc. so I don’t buy impulse items at gas stations, etc.
  5. Being too strict, may lead to failure.  I wanted to be a perfect Vegan overnight and that is not realistic.  The goal is wellness, and a plant based whole food diet is the vehicle I have chosen to “drive” me there.  However, premium fuel may not always be an option.  So maybe eating the best option available will help me avoid the “all or nothing” meltdown.  If a good Vegan option is available, EAT IT;  If the best thing available is Vegetarian, EAT IT; If the best thing available (other than fasting/abstaining) is lean meat, then that is better than going off the rails and saying “Screw it” for a two week binge! (Those who choose Vegan for moral reasons may not have this option).  I am diabetic, so my doctor asked me to cheat “meat” if I was ever going to cheat, so I would not eat a whole cake!
  6. If I really want something, make it part of the plan, enjoy it, get back to baseline as soon as possible, don’t suffer shame over it!
  7. I really hate to make others uncomfortable.  Whenever my “veganism” seems to create an awkwardness with others, I abandon it to quickly to relieve the tension.  I need to become okay with the tension and let others get used to what is important to me and my health.  I find myself saying, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll find something to eat wherever you choose.”  However, the truth is that there are some places that have no appropriate choices for me at all!  I need to take the responsibility of knowing the options in the area that work for me and speak up.
  8. I have also learned that others are watching and I have more influence than I realize.  Making good decisions is helping them make good decisions.  That is the whole reason I wanted to create the #400poundvegan in the first place.  It is really a privilege to share this journey.

Well hopefully these “confession” posts won’t need to be a regular thing.  I invite you to share your journey and be a little vulnerable in what your ups and downs are.  Together we can help each other and those we love and care about.

2 Replies to “Confessions!”

  1. I have a confession, too.

    I eat too much of the wrong foods. When I first went vegan, I dropped 35lbs in the first year without doing a lick of exercise. I ate a lot of potatoes (ALL OF THEM) and burrito bowls. I didn’t really know what else to eat. As time went on, I began discovering vegan ice cream, vegan chocolate, vegan pie, vegan frozen pizza, vegan muffins and cakes and cookies and Mac and cheese and OH MY IM DROOLING!!! I started swapping out my oatmeal for Dunkin Donuts blueberry bagels and an almond milk iced coffee. I traded in my burrito bowls for ooey gooey greasy mushroom steak sandwiches. A few month after discovering these things, I gained 10lbs back and have since maintained my still obese frame. There’s this idea that, as a vegan, you can eat as much as you want. I mean, sure, eat all the salad. But be careful your “eat as much as you want” attitude doesn’t leak into your vegan junk food habit.

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