Author: Russell Harbaugh



Traveling, Conferences, Steakhouse, Cheesecake Factory, Someone else Buying, Packing, Moving , OH MY!  The justifications for splurging and being undisciplined piled up and I tripped all over them!

I called this a Journey to Wellness because I knew it would not be a straight-line sprint directly to all of my goals, but I did not think I would collapse so early either.


However; I did learn a few things, and I am back on track just in time to make a better plan for the next Conference coming up in a few days.

I learned:

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Dreaded “Before” PICS

Dreaded “Before” PICS

When you are not in a shape you can be proud of, you tend to be a bit camera shy.  You opt out when you can and if there is no avoiding the pictures, (Weddings, graduations, etc.) you do your best to position people strategically in front of you so only your head remains in the pic.

As a Pastor for more than a decade, it was inevitable to be included in hundreds of photos where I had no control over “strategic positioning”! LOL.

These photos are the ones that make me cringe, not because they do not represent me well, but precisely because they DO capture the truth that my day to day delusions/denials try to protect me from.

Well… to make a true and successful change in anything, you must start with reality and use it as fuel to motivate change.  This is

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393 Pound Vegan!

393 Pound Vegan!

I went to the doctor today…   NOT THAT ONE… this one



I knew it wasn’t going to be pleasant but was hoping for a little good news after 35 days vegan.  Blood Pressure was very high, and I will be adding a prescription to my list instead of getting off meds yet; but I was down a few pounds!  So 393 is todays weight.  I plan on never being the 400 pound vegan again, LOL.


I found out my Doctor is leaving and today was the last time I would see him, so I need to find a good one again.  I was reminded of the “Razor Blade” speech about having too much sugar in my blood.  It goes something like this… “Sugar is like little razor blades going through my body.  The smaller the vessels it travels through the worse damage that is done.  This is why they keep watch on eyesight, kidneys, and feet since these areas show signs first of diabetes’s trauma.”

So for now, I received an increase in my Insulin and my Metformin.  Lisinopril was kept the same.


Although B/P was high,  he did not ask me to cut down on coffee and said I should keep eating the plant based diet, and begin walking regularly.  He was confident that good results would begin to rack up quickly!


So I guess it is time to take the Dog for a walk after I enjoy my Avocado on whole grain toast.  Oh, and I need to double my water intake.

I will add a page to this blog where my “stats” can be tracked and easily followed as the days, weeks, months, & years go by.


Today’s Meals:

  1. Fasted breakfast for doctor visit and A1c blood draw.
  2. simple salad and cup of kidney beans mixed with corn and black eye peas.
  3. 2 whole grain toast with half avocado on each and 4 bread & butter pickle slices.
  4. 1 Vega Protein bar
  5. some green onions
  6. 2 spoons of peanut butter

Today’s Exercise:  30 minute walk with the dog.