400 Pound Vegan is a site built to share my journey back to better health by following a plant based whole food lifestyle.  Heart disease and Diabetes run in my family and currently my diabetes is not under control.  I thrived off of denial through my 30’s with good genetics I guess, but in my middle 40’s I no longer feel invincible!  With my kids grown and getting married and with a great career going, now is the time to finally be intentional about my weight, my diabetes, and my future as a provider and as a future grandfather, etc.

Those who follow my journey will inspire and hold me accountable and hopefully I will inspire you as well!  Every year that goes by, the hope fades just a little more that I will enjoy good health and lose weight.  I have met and counseled many who struggle with the same issues.  This website, along with a Facebook page and possibly a podcast, is where I will share an honest view of my daily wins and losses, while also being a place where everything I learn and discover will be available to help you on your journey as well.  As a community on Facebook, we can daily keep each other informed and encouraged while coming here for the weekly updates, education, etc.

I look forward to your feedback as I continue to work on making this more and more valuable as a resource and meaningful as an encouragement to you and the accomplishing of your very best goals!

I know I’m looking forward to shortly becoming the 350 pound vegan soon and then 325, 300, 275, 250, …

Now eat that broccoli and do those jumping jacks!  You can do it!